Thursday, July 24, 2008

SEC Media Days: Day Two


Mark Richt knows the expectations for this years team, "Every year we set goals. We want to win that first game, then the East to get to the SEC Championship Game, and then maybe we can go to the National Championship Game. " He says you can not look to far ahead or you may slip up.
Looking back to last years Florida game Richt apologized for the way the Bulldogs' celebration after the first touchdown against Florida last season went down. He said he was "in shock" to see the whole team run out on the field to celebrate. Circle you calender for Nov. 1, the day the Bulldogs and the Gators meet in Jacksonville.
Many players including Jeff Owens do think that the celebration against Florida was "the turning point" for the Bulldogs.
Was Mark Richt taking a dig at LSU when he said, "if you lose two games, you don't deserve to play for the National Championship." Richt also brought up playoff saying "four teams will work nice."
How far do you think Matthew Staford can throw the ball? Running back Mohammed Massaquoi said,"He could probably throw it here if you want him to."


When asked about Les Miles comments about the Tide loss last season to Louisiana- Monroe Saban had this to say, "Well, he told the truth. He told it like it was. We need to ear the respect. That's what we're trying to do."
Although not asked directly about the many off the field issues Saban as had at Alabama he had many good things to say about the team so far. "We have 25-30 guys that are doing extremely well in the program, have made a lot of personal choices that have enhanced their chances of being successful in the future."
Many of the upperclassmen have good things to say about the number one recruiting class so far. When asked if anyone of them as stood out, enior center Antoine Caldwell said Julio Jones, if I had to put my money on anybody, he's one who has stood out," "He's done a great job so far, but you never know until they put the pads on. Right now, this whole freshmen class we got has us really excited about what's coming."
Alabama is working on a deal to play Virgina Tech in 2009, Saban said "But we're having difficulty with our schedule getting that worked out. But philosophically, we'd like to play one (major) non conference game each year."

Ole Miss

New Head coach Houston Nutt is "re-energized" and "refreshed" from his move from Arkansas to Ole Miss.
Nutt should be set at quarterback with Texas transfer Jevan Snead. Nutt calls him a "great decision maker" and said he is a leader on the team.
With four straight losing seasons Nutt will have his work cut out for him, but he says he is looking for a "very successful year." He has worked hard to change the attitude in Oxford. Showing up at players homes to create a more family environment.


Attorneys from the Blankenship, Harrelson & Wollitz law firm stole the show when they issued Phillip Fulmer with a subpoena. When asked Fulmer said,
"A couple of guys have asked me about that, and I haven't seen anything like that, We spent ... what was it three or four years ago ... putting up with all that B.S. that had nothing to do with football and the Southeastern Conference. Darned if I'm going to start it again if I don't have to, so somebody's just screwing around."
Fulmer knows the SEC is a tough conference and had this to say of his teams success, "I'm about tired of going to the SEC championship and not winning it."
Fulmer is the longest tenured coach in the sec going on his 17th season. He says the "on-field success"of his teams is the reason he as been around so long.
Running back Arian Foster is the Vols main weapon but quarterback Jonathan Crompton should help take some of the pressure off the stud back.

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